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Mottolino is Livigno’s largest ski area with 27 ski slopes and more than 30 km of fun. And our eight efficient ski lifts keep waiting times to a minimum and avert the risk of queues!
But there's a great deal more than this on offer at Mottolino for your ‘Little Tibet’ holiday! Explore our Fun Areas with their alternative descents and have fun in our Snowpark, one of Europe’s most famous. And when your energy levels are running low, recharge your batteries at one of our mountain huts, which are easy to get to on foot as well, for those wanting lunches at over 2000 metres without skiing.
Livigno gets plenty of snow right through the winter and also has a modern artificial snow making system which ensures perfectly groomed ski slopes at all times, even in spring. Moreover, our many webcams stationed at multiple points enable you to check out Livigno's weather conditions on the ground!
Our headquarters are situated at the lower Mottolino cable car station together with the ticket office, ski rental shop, store and ski and snowboard schools where you can book individual or group lessons with the best teachers!
So, surely you can’t still be in doubt about where to go to ski in Livigno?

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  • 8 ski lifts
  • 27 ski slopes
  • 6 blue ski slopes, for beginners
  • 16 red slopes for intermediate skiers
  • 5 black slopes for more expert skiers
  • 12 snowcats that prepare the slopes every day
  • 6 fun areas, for the fun of young and old: Yepi area, Natural Pipe, Snowpark, Moguls 
  • 3 magic carpets serving the Mottolino ski schools
  • 4 jump zones in the snowpark with 60 features
  • 1 jump zone in the Yepi area
  • 3 mountain cottages: the Kosmo, at the bottom of the Mottolino gondola; the M'Eating Point cottage, at the top of the gondola; and the Camanel of Planon
  • 1 ski rental, Dr Rent, with ski deposit and ski laboratory
  • 5 ticket offices, in the various access points to the ski area
  • 5 covered and uncovered car parks



Mottolino for Beginner skiers

Want to find out more about the wonderful world of skiing and snowboarding for yourself? Mottolino is here with a great many services especially for you.

Mottolino for Intermediate skiers

Hone your technique on our red slopes and get ready for increasingly challenging slopes.

Mottolino for Expert skiers

If you’re an expert skier or snowboarder, you’re probably looking for demanding black ski runs…

Ski Lifts

Mind boggling numbers: 1 cable car, 5 chair lifts, 2 drag lifts and 2 magic carpets for beginners with a total hourly capacity of 15,740 passengers!

Ski Slopes

Mottolino is Livigno’s largest ski area with 27 ski slopes: 6 blue, 16 red and 5 black.

Fun areas

Live the Mottolino ski area to the full: test yourself with parabolic turns, half-pipes and natural moguls!