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Mottolino’s snowpark has long been known as one of Italy's best and is one of the most famous in Europe. Over the years the quality of its facilities have won it awards as has the maintenance work done by its shapers and its marketing initiatives. It has been hosting European Cup freestyle skiing, slopestyle and snowboarding races for years and has, in the past, also been the venue for international events such as the Burton European Open, River Jump and the World Rookie Fest.

Located in the Trepalle ski lift area and equipped with over 60 structures along its 800 metre length, the Snowpark offers three different jump lines: M line designed for beginners, L line for expert riders and lastly XL for professional riders only. On top of this there is the rail line with over 20 structures including mini volcanoes and quarter-pipes. Entrance to the Snowpark is free. Its opening hours are from 9 am to 4.30 pm. Follow @mottolinosnowpark on our social media channels for all our news!

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Mottolino has had in the last few seasons athletes of high levels such as: Nick Goepper (Olympic and world bronze), Aimee Fuller, Seppe Smits, Paddy Graham, Sabrina Cakmakli, Billy Morgan, Katie Summerhayes (silver at the freeski world championships) and freeskiing and snowboarding British national team.

The snowpark in Livigno was also a stage for competitions such as the Burton European Open, photo shoots for the main trade magazines, River Jump, World Rookie Fest and other unique events in the world, and for some seasons now hosts European Cup competitions of freestyle skiing slopestyle and snowboard.

Thanks to the presence of different areas and over 60 structures arranged over a length of 800 meters, you will be able to experience your tricks alongside the world’s best pro snowboarders and freestylers! There is also a new structure with a maxi landing bag dedicated to the training of the strongest athletes.

As for the lines and structures, in addition to the XL area, reserved for professional athletes, you will find a large, medium and small line with jumps and rails within everyone's reach, maintained daily by a team of 5 shaper and 2 snow cats.

Located near the M'eating Point hut, the snow park is served by the Trepalle lift, a 4-seater chairlift with automatic hooking and has a dedicated artificial snow system.


Snowpark for Beginners

Grab, halfpipe, rail, quarter pipe: come and see for yourself what we’re talking about and have fun at our Snowpark.


Extend your knowledge of the Snowpark by trying the structures designed precisely with you in mind.

Snowpark Mottolino for Pro Riders

Looking for a top level Snowpark to train for races on? Then you’re in the right place!

Snowpark Lines and Structures

At the Mottolino Snowpark there are lines and structures for all levels: beginners, experts and international level professionals.

Safety at the Snowpark

Safe fun: at the Snowpark there are certain rules you must abide by for your own good and that of other riders.

Snowpark shapers

Do you know why the Mottolino Snowpark is Italy’s coolest? Because its team of shapers are the absolute best!