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Red runs in Mottolino: a wide offering in Livigno’s ski area

Mottolino’s red ski runs are just what skiers need to enjoy this sport and the snow due to their morphology. Moreover, they are many, fun and all well kept. Red runs are all large, which makes them easier to run even for non-experts and super fun for those who want to alternate wide curves with fast and dynamic downhills.
Thanks to the size of our district, Mottolino can ensure short waiting times at the ski lifts for a skiing experience that lasts from morning to evening. Each ski lift has at least three ski runs to ensure you the best experience.

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Mottolino has plenty of red runs, but there are some you just cannot miss. Here’s our top 3:
  • Central, Mottolino: the main run of Mottolino cableway that flows smoothly from top to bottom, from where you can enjoy the breathtaking view over Livigno’s valley. You’ll have the impression to reach town with the skis on your feet.
  • Trepalle: the perfect ski run to try early in the morning. It’s the first to be illuminated by the sun, but due to its position, you don’t immediately notice it. Take the 8:30 cableway and enjoy the best conditions for a fantastic day!
  • Sponda fis: is where international teams train. Try it, if you want to feel a true expert!
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