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Enter a world of advantages with the Mottolino Key ... read the regulation.


The Mottolino APP (referred to as "card") is a discount card and virtual services owned by Mottolino SpA
(referred to as "organizing company"), carried out on behalf of the following companies,
(referred to as "partner companies"):

Mottolino S.p.A.
La Galleria S.r.l.
Silroc S.r.l.
Si.Val S.p.a.
Geoneer Livigno s.r.l .

As other partner companies may join the initiative, at any time you can check the updated list of partner companies of the Mottolino APP program by accessing the site www.mottolino.com.
The card has three different bands:


which are associated discounts and special services (see sections "Discounts" and "Benefit"). There are also special cards reserved exclusively for certain categories of users (residents of Livigno and Valdidentro, tourist guides, ski instructors, special clients of partner companies, etc.) that can make a request, after demonstrating that they belong to an identified category. The acceptance or otherwise of the request for a special card will be at the discretion of the organizing company.

The card is free, so there is no activation fee.
The card is valid in all the companies participating in the initiative and forming part of the partner companies, namely:

  • Mottolino S.p.A. - Rifugio M'Eating Point – Mottolino ski area via Bondi 473/A, Livigno;
  • Mottolino S.p.A. - Rifugio Camanel di Planon – Mottolino ski area via Bondi 473/A, Livigno;
  • Mottolino S.p.A. – Kosmo Food & Fun Space – Via Corta 21, Livigno;
  • Mottolino S.p.A. - Noleggio Dr Rent - via Bondi 473/A, Livigno;
  • Mottolino S.p.A. – Telecabina Mottolino - via Bondi 473/A, Livigno; (only summer season)
  • La Galleria – via Plan, 99/B, Livigno;
  • Plazique – via Plan, 200, Livigno;
  • Distributore Q8 – via Freita, 104, Livigno;
  • Rifugio Conca Bianca – Cima Piazzi Happy Mountain, via Nazionale, 52, Valdidentro;
  • Si. Val S.p.a. – Cabinovia Valdidentro, via Nazionale 52, Valdidentro; 
  • Larix Park – via Gerus, Livigno.

The Info Points dedicated to the card, which will be mentioned later in the document, are located in the following places:

  • Rifugio M'Eating Point (Mottolino ski area)
  • La Galleria
  • Plazique
  • Distributore Q8
  • Biglietteria Si.Val (Cima Piazzi Happy Mountain)


The card is released in one of the following ways:

• through the site www.mottolino.com or the links eventually presented on the sites of the partner companies, filling out the special form and then downloading the free Mottolino app from Google Play Store or from the App Store.
• by contacting one of the Info Points, through the intermediation of an employee who will enter the data directly into the system and then downloading the free Mottolino app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
• downloading the Mottolino app for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store and registering, entering all the personal data requested.

Special cards can be requested and obtained at the Info Points by presenting the relevant documentation attesting that it belongs to a special category. The special card - tourist guide can only be requested at the Mottolino Info Point and will be issued here, only to the person concerned. As specified above the release of one of the special cards requires the delivery of documentation attesting to membership of the category in question is the discretion of the organizing company.
When requesting the card, whatever it is and in whatever form it is required, the fields marked as mandatory (name, surname, nationality, email address, mobile phone, date of birth) must be filled in, declare to have read this regulation, authorize the processing of data, the sending by the organizing company of communications for promotional purposes and for profiling.


The card, with the exception of the special card - tourist guides does not expire.
The special card - tourist guides, on the other hand, expires at the end of the winter season in which it was issued.
It can be activated again in the following seasons by going to the Info Point Mottolino and certifying again if it follows the requirements for that type of card.
For all other cards, three years after the last use, the card will be blocked. To be able to take advantage of the discounts and services provided for the category reached, you will have to go back to one of the Info Points for reactivation. The points accumulated up to the last use will still be considered valid.


Each customer can activate and be the holder of only one card.
The card is not transferable to third parties. By adhering to the regulation, the customer undertakes to communicate promptly or in writing to the email address [email protected] or by mail with a letter addressed to Mottolino SpA any identity theft or loss of the data of the same, indicating name, surname and email address. Upon notification of theft or loss, the card will be immediately deactivated. The points on the lost or stolen card will be transferred to the new card assigned to the customer.
Until the date of receipt of the theft or loss notification, the organizing company declines all responsibility for any abuse and improper use of the card.

The organizing company, in the event that the card is disclosed to non-third party, reserves the right not to accept it, withdraw it and / or cancel it. In case of withdrawal and / or cancellation, the card holder will not be able to benefit from the points accumulated on the previous card and, it will be at the discretion of the organizing company to decide which card level to assign, in the eventual assignment of a new card. The data released will be kept until the card is canceled, unless the cancellation is expressly requested by writing to [email protected].


Starting from the release, you become the owner of the Mottolino App which guarantees the right to enjoy a certain percentage discount, some special services in the participating establishments and to accumulate points following purchases made or actions taken (participation in certain events , purchase of certain advertised products, registration on Social Network pages, etc). All special situations through which additional points can be acquired following a specific action that will be advertised on the website www.mottolino.com and possibly on the websites of the partner companies and / or through newsletters to all Mottolino App owners who have consented to such communications.
Normally 1 point will be awarded for every € 1 spent at the sales points participating in the initiative. On the basis of the accumulated points you will return to one of the following bands, which recognize different discounts (see the table attached):

  • Blue, up to 1,000 points;
  • Gold, from 1.001 to 10.000;
  • Platinum from 10.001.

When the point threshold is reached to move to the upper band, the app will automatically update the membership band. The discount level or special services will vary depending on the range in which you return, as well as based on the type of card you have. Discounts, as shown in the attached file, will also vary depending on the activity in which you buy, the department stores and product categories within the stores.
Special promotions or participation to particular events may give additional points. All the details will be reported on the site www.mottolino.com and possibly on the sites of partner companies: and / or through newsletters or sms and / or through newsletters to all Mottolino App owners who have consented to such communications. The discounts deriving from the card cannot be combined with special sales or promotions. Points will however be accumulated on the cards even on these occasions. In no case may the discount percentages guaranteed by the membership of the card be modified by the single member operator. To take advantage of the benefits, the card must be presented at the time of payment of the goods or services purchased for the recording of the expense values and for the recognition of the discount. Failure to present the card will not allow the accumulation of points and the use of discounts. The points credited cannot be transferred or converted into cash. Each customer will be able to view their accumulated points by accessing the reserved area through the site www.mottolino.com. To access this area, an email with the password will be sent when the card registration form is completed. The username, on the other hand, will be the email address with which you registered or the card number. In the event of disputes on the score reached, the score recorded by the system database is always to be trusted.


The data will be processed guaranteeing maximum confidentiality, with the necessary procedures for participation in the loyalty system, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Complaints from customers are presented in written form and sent to the Mottolino S.p.a. or by e-mail at [email protected].


The request of the Mottolino App implies the acceptance of the present regulation.


Mottolino Spa, aware of the fact that the publication of this regulation involves, for the obligations taken towards customers, the application of the articles 1989, 1990 and 1991 of the civil code, reserves the right to modify, at any time, the content of the articles of this regulation in whole or in parts, making sure that the modifications made do not damage, even minimally, the rights acquired by customers as mentioned in Article 10 paragraph 4 of Presidential Decree 430 of 10/26/2001. Should it be necessary to modify this regulation, customers will be informed of the changes in the same way or with equivalent forms with which they became aware of the original regulation.



Reguarding art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 "Code regarding the protection of personal data", we inform you that the data controller is Mottolino SpA, with registered office in via Bondi 483 / A, 23030 Livigno (SO)

What information will we use?

With your participation in Mottolino Key, Mottolino Spa and the partner companies of the program need to use the data you provided at the time of registration (in particular, the mandatory information marked on the registration form) and the data relating to the overall volume of your expenditure for the specific obligations related to the Mottolino App. Mottolino Spa initiative and the partner companies, with your consent, may also use the data you provided when registering (including optional information), data relating to the use of your card and the details of your purchases and other information from you provided (collectively, the "Your Information") for the further purposes indicated below. The optional information you provide may be used by Mottolino SpA and from the partner companies of the program in order to send you commercial communications more suitable to your indications. With regard to the details of the purchases, each partner company of the Mottolino App program will only process the data that will be collected when you use your card to use its products or services, while Mottolino SpA will handle all collected data.

With whom will we share your information?

For obligations related to the purposes of the processing, Mottolino Spa and the partner companies will be able to share your information with the companies of the respective groups, the suppliers of the prizes, and the service providers, who will work as data processors. Your information may also be communicated to other third parties where there is a legal obligation or a faculty in this regard. A complete list of these companies will be made available by sending a written request to the address indicated below. Your Information may be transferred outside the European Union, but safeguards will be guaranteed to comply with the requirements prescribed by EU legislation on personal data protection.

What are your rights?

Pursuant to article 7 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, you have the right to know, correct and modify your information and oppose for legitimate reasons the use by us of your information. You can exercise your rights by writing to Mottolino SpA, which also acts in the interests of the other owners, at the email address: [email protected] or Mottolino SpA, via Bondi 473 / A, 23030 Livigno (SO).

How will we use your information?

The owners will use (also by electronic means) the data you provided at the time of registration and the data relating to the overall volume of your expenditure to manage the Mottolino App initiative and, with your consent (which is mandatory for the subscription of the Mottolino App), your information:

to understand your buying behavior.
to invite you (also by e-mail, landline and mobile phone) the offers of partner companies and other news related to offers, promotions and products or services (which can include every product or service marketed by the owners) and to contact you in order to conduct market surveys to understand your buying behavior in order to send you offers from partner companies and other news related to offers, promotions and products or services that are likely to be of interest to you and to contact you in order to conduct market surveys.
Your participation in the Mottolino App is conditional on the provision of the mentioned consents.

You can check or modify your data at any time by accessing the area reserved for you on the site www.mottolino.com
or by contacting us at [email protected]