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Gattisti della ski area Mottolino a Livigno


60 years have passed since that distant November 1958, when the first Mottolino lift was inaugurated. Since that date, men and women have worked continuously and with infinite passion, bringing the company to be one of the most renowned in the Alps.

The first Livigno ski-lift was built at Mottolino in November 1958: in that year Alpine skiing began in the Little Tibet.

Today, during the winter season, Mottolino has up to 150 employees divided between administrative offices, shelters, ski lifts, snowmaking, slope maintenance, snow parks and rental. Human resources are at the center of all our activities, with them our values are shared, as well as our goals. Training days are also dedicated to them, so that everyone can find continuous stimuli and motivations.


Luciano Rocca

Luciano Rocca

Marco Rocca - Mottolino

Marco Rocca

- Mottolino

Fabio Bormolini
Technical director

Matteo Bongiolatti - Mottolino

Matteo Bongiolatti
Purchasing & Financial Manager

Alessia Galli - Mottolino

Alessia Galli
Head of Marketing

Siria Fedrigucci - Mottolino

Siria Fedrigucci
Human Resources Traininge

Luigi Pandelli - Mottolino

Luigi Pandelli
Responsible for ticket offices
& work contracts

Alessandro Pastura - Mottolino staff

Alessandro Pastura
Digital Innovation Manager

Matteo Colombo - Mottolino

Matteo Colombo
Social Media Manager

Alice Pennente - Mottolino

Alice Pennente
Graphic Designer

federico patriarca - Mottolino Staff

Federico Patriarca
Marketing Assistent

Fabio Rini - Staff Mottolino Livigno

Fabio Rini
Facilities Services Manager

Claudio Gazzoni - Mottolino member

Claudio Gazzoni
Head of Mottolino Refuges

Staff Mottolino: Luca Caroppo

Luca Caroppo
Head of Camanel di Planon

Luciano Della Valle - Mottolino

Luciano della Valle
Head of Kosmo

Alex Sella - Mottolino Livigno

Alex Sella
Head of Dr. Rent

Simone Nani

Simone Nani
Larix Park manager

Mauro Tofaletti - Mottolino Livigno

Mauro Tofaletti
Path Manager

Gerry Cusini - Mottolino Livigno

Gerry Cusini
Path Manager