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24 June 2024 8.3 °C
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Looking for high thrill descents on challenging terrain? Of the Livigno black slopes, the Mottolino pistes have been designed especially to put your skills to the test! Our black slopes are icy pistes verging on 40% gradients and require both excellent mastery of downhill techniques and a familiarity with materials. Don’t forget to try out our natural moguls near the Valfin lift. The unusual morphology of the area leads to the formation of humps of various sizes every time it snows. We decided to use this area by leaving it as it is, to give you an out-of-the-box descent.

At our rental shop at the bottom of the Mottolino cable car there are Premium and Exclusive level skis and snowboards with which you can try out the most cutting-edge materials available on the market for an increasingly complete and evolved experience. If you are a snowboarder, don’t miss out on the chance to try one of our boards with the innovative Step On bindings getting you on and off your snowboard in a single movement and also ensuring optimal heel grip.

Look for the black slopes on the map and put yourself to the test in breathtaking descents!


Valfin Monte Neve: three birds with one stone! The Valfin takes you to the highest point of the whole ski area (2708 metres), to a grand total of three black slopes you can do in one go, with breathtaking views over Livigno.

Teola Pianoni Bassi: the lift to the Giorgio Rocca slope. This is the most challenging of the black runs and ideal for a tight turn descent. We named it after our Livigno champion, winner of the 2006 special slalom Ski World Cup.

The Mottolino Ski Area black slopes also include the Paramountains slope, the most high-thrill of the slopes which link together the Trepalle chair lift with the Monte Sponda lift.