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The Snowpark is a high thrill experience, for any fitness level.

Whatever line you are trying out, the thrill of being out there in the mid air, even just for a few minutes, is unique. But there are risks involved in even the least challenging structures and the potential for accidents and injuries should not be underestimated Attempting the park's jumps and structures without due caution is a serious risk not only for your safety but also for that of the other riders present. This is why you will find a rule board at the entrance to the Snowpark and you must abide by these rules in full.

Remember that if you behave in ways considered dangerous or irresponsible you will be told to leave right away.


Here are some of the Snowpark's rules. In many cases, rather than full blown rules, you are encouraged to use your common sense when you take on jumps and structures in order to look after everyone's safety.

  • Helmets are obligatory at the Snowpark. You are also strongly advised to use other protection such as back protection, knee pads and tailbone pads;
  • Structures change considerably in different weather conditions and riders must therefore examine them carefully before using them.
  • The Snowpark area named PRO LINE is open to professionals only,e. members of legally recognised national or international federations with which they are insured.
  • The Snowpark can be closed at any time in the event of adverse weather conditions. Anyone found in the park after it has been closed will be reported to the relevant authorities;
  • In the event that an accident takes place or a rider fails to abide by the rules, Snowpark staff must be notified immediately.