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Mottolino’s Snowpark is always open to riders of all levels: beginners, experts and pros. For beginners the right line is medium difficulty level M which has three jumps in a row enabling you to maximise each run to the full. L is designed for more skilled riders with two 17-metre-long jumps in a row and a final table rail. You need to be fit for this one and have mastered jump techniques fully. Lines M and L are open to everyone, whilst XL or the PRO LINE is open to professional freeskiers only. On top of these three there’s the rail line with over 20 structures, including mini volcanoes and quarter-pipes. In addition, we have positioned around 15 different structures such as rails and boxes near the Easy Lift as an alternative outside the Snowpark.

Salto con lo snowpark sulla linea M dello snowpark Mottolino a Livigno


The M line is average level with 3 jumps averaging 5 metres each in a row. Ideal for those trying out the Snowpark for the first time it is also suitable for more experienced riders looking for something not too challenging. With their low impact on landing its row of jumps is a great way of taking maximum advantage of each run and getting used to the air time involved in jumps. While its jumps are not especially high, it is important to check that the take off and landing areas are free. And before you start jumping remember to warm up a bit, to ensure that you will be able to react appropriately to each jump phase, from picking up speed to landing. If this is your first time, we recommend that you start with an instructor to teach you the basic jumping techniques and optimise your time at the Snowpark. You’ll be amazed at the speed you learn at.


L is made up of two 17-metres-long jumps in a row and a final table rail. It requires good fitness and an excellent knowledge of jumping techniques: its air time is much greater than the M line’s and jump length requires greater attention and responsiveness, remembering that calculating the right speed to pick up before jumping is essential. Other decisive factors on this line are visibility and wind: on one hand limited visibility can make it difficult to distinguish the landing area from the horizon and, on the other, not only does strong wind affect pick-up speed but it can also have a considerable effect on jump direction. If adverse weather conditions make the Snowpark dangerous staff may ban access to it for whatever time they consider necessary.

Rail Oakley allo Snowpark Mottolino di Livigno

The XL line, also called the PRO LINE, is for professional freeskiers only, namely members of legally recognised national or international federations. It is set up like an international competition with 2 jumps in a row, respectively 19 and 22 metres long and a final table rail. The PRO LINE is extremely difficult with air time lasting multiple seconds and a landing which is harder on the legs. This means excellent fitness is required as well as in-depth mastery of the materials. In addition to wind and visibility snow speed is also a factor here and this means ski waxing is decisive in jumps.


The rail line is made up of over 20 structures including rails, mini volcanoes and quarter-pipes. Its structures are designed primarily for expert riders with high, narrow rails together with low difficulty level boxes also accessible for those with limited experience inside the Snowpark. Its rails are located in such a way as to enable you to move right and left easily as you search for the most creative line. The most important thing is that you do not cut in on anyone!