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The most fun snowpark in Italy offers you over 60 structures between jumps and jibbings,
ready to entertain snowboarders and freeskiers of all levels.

Discover the Lines and Structures of the Mottolino Snowpark in Livigno together with Ian Rocca, the European Slopestyle 2018 Champion,
who chose our Park together with other international athletes as a permanent venue for his trainings:

Salto con lo snowpark sulla linea M dello snowpark Mottolino a Livigno

Composed of 8 structures: table with 2 rails, 4 jumps and 3 rails shared with the other lines, medium difficulty,
perfect to approach the biggest jumps, always check that take offs and landing are free and make sure that the speed you’re taking to approach the jump is correct. The M line offers the possibility of starting to safely gain confidence with airtime, always make sure you have warmed up before jumping so you can land safely and responsively.
The jumps of the M line are always the first to open in the snow park and give us the opportunity to take advantage
of every lap at its fullest, thanks to the 4 jumps in line.
The advice is to always start with an instructor so that he can teach you the correct way to jump and optimize every lap in order to improve faster.

Composed of 7 structures: 3 jumps, a table with 3 rails and 3 rails shared with the other lines, the jumps start to be
of an significant dimension and it is fundamental to have a good experience with air time to be able to jump,
even the rails are taller and finer therefore more difficult. In the L line there is a good increase in airtime and for this
it is essential to be prepared to absorb landings in the best way, light is a fundamental factor and if visibility is not good
it is better to move on smaller jumps. Wind and light are the two most important factors in freestyle, the wind can radically change the speed with which to jump and the direction of the jump, or better, the wind could move you in the air if too strong, and it is a factor to be taken in consideration before jumping. Light, instead, can make it difficult to distinguish the landing from the sky, on a cloudy day for example, this light condition is generally called flat light in the snowpark.

Rail Oakley allo Snowpark Mottolino di Livigno
Vista sui Kicker dello Snowpark Mottolino a Livigno

Composed of 7 structures: 3 jumps, a table with 3 rails and 3 rails shared with the other lines, the difficulty increases considerably, the 3 jumps, respectively 19 meters, 22 meters and 17 meters, are perfect for the most advanced tricks and before approaching this line always ask those who are already jumping to show you where to start and how to approach each jump, it is also called pro line so we recommend using it only to experienced freeskiers.

All the factors listed above multiply when we tackle the XL line, there is more time in the air, so the landing is generally heavier on the legs, the feeling of flying for 3 seconds is indescribable, but it must be faced with safety and experience, the more jumps you have made in the smaller lines, the easier it will be to jump on the XL jumps, here also the speed of the snow comes into the picture, you will realize the snow conditions by skiing, if you have waxed you skies or you wax them frequently you will have fewer problems and it will be enough to look at someone that already jumps (always ask if they have waxed their skies or not, if you are looking for a speed reference).

12 rails positioned in such way that will allow you to choose various lines and transition
to favor the creativity of riding, 4 of these rails are of medium / high difficulty while the others are of medium difficulty with the option of also using low difficulty boxes.
Space for creativity, always keeping an eye around you, making sure you don't cut the way
to nobody while we ski in this line that allows you to move easily from right to left in order
to choose a more creative line.

Only for pro athletes or national teams, perfect for trying new tricks, with the option
of jumping on a jump that is equal to the first jump of the XL line or a jump a little smaller.

Ian Rocca salta Big Air Bag dello Snowpark Mottolino a Livigno