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Kosmo Taste The Mountain

Mottolino is happy to introduce Kosmo Taste the Mountain, a new mountain dining experience in Livigno. Open for both lunch and dinner, the restaurant is just a stone's throw from the town centre, next to our headquarters, and easy to get to both from the ski slopes and on foot thanks to the large car park opposite.
Its strategic position offers unrivalled panoramic views over Livigno: snow covered peaks will be the backdrop to your lunches and the town lights will keep you company at dinner. In addition to a large panoramic space, Kosmo also has a stylish smaller room, Téa, for a more intimate and informal culinary experience.
And on top of all this there is the Cocktail Bar, the ideal place for an evening with friends, sipping one of the drinks we have designed to bring out the best the area has to offer. We strongly advise booking, on +39 3461152048.
Now let's have a look at our culinary concept...

The Concept

Inspired by the philosophy of Michelin starred chef Norbert Niederkofler, our challenge is to broaden our gourmet horizons with top class cuisine appealing less to an exclusive clientèle than a wider target group.
Local and seasonal products play a centre-stage role in our project and are expressed in the innovative principle guiding our relationship with producers.
The cornerstone of our menu is not specific requests by a chef but rather adaptation to the availability of raw materials from the producers themselves, selected on the basis of certain indispensable criteria such as organic farming free of fodder and antibiotics. All this makes for non standardised dishes inspired by what the area has to offer in a given season. And, as Valtellina’s cold climate does not always allow for zero miles produce, our catchment area encompasses the whole of northern Italy.
A further linchpin of our cuisine is the no-waste concept in which waste is minimised and raw materials are used in their entirety. Come and try our vegetable peel chips and sauces flavoured with powdered cores and hard seeds!