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Merenda in Val delle MIne a Livigno


The road that leads you from Mottolino to the Val delle Mine, is a really exciting experience.
A path that runs along the entire slope of Mottolino and continues further,
up to the Val delle Mine, the only place in Livigno where you could come across some relics of the world conflicts of the last century.
Along the way you can stop in the "Baitei", small buildings that were once a refuge for the little shepherds, now renovated and made available to anyone who wants to relive the past.
Once you arrive at the Cheseira dali Mina, follow the road up to the Cheseira from the Gras of Agnei, the refreshment point for a tasty lunch break or a snack of homemade cakes.
To return to Livigno you can choose between a dirt road or a path that runs alongside a stream and plunges into a forest.

Point of arrival: Tresenda area, where you can take the free bus back to the village.
for all those who want a hike in Livigno a little more challenging but without particularly strenuous climbs.
The many natural views make this path very instagrammable.
  • Technical difficulty: medium-easy (some protruding points of the path make it more challenging)
  • Physical commitment: medium
  • Route length: 8.5 km
  • Travel time: 2h + 30min