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Passeggiata in quota al Mottolino di Livigno con tutta la famiglia


In summer, reach the altitude with the Mottolino gondola. In a few minutes you will be
at 2300 meters above sea level, and you can see from above all the beauty of the Livigno valley.

Once you are on top, you can choose the activity that's right for you:
a short walk or a longer hike on easy trails in Livigno, also suitable for families, a lunch break in front of the mountains while enjoying a good plate of pizzoccheri or polenta,
a moment of games for your kids on the new inflatable, opened for them in the summer
of 2019. If you have a dog, it could be an opportunity to take it to run free on the wide expanses of land that in winter are our skiing tracks.

Don't hesitate: a ski lift with a gondola is an experience to try during your summer holiday in Livigno!


When you decide to go at high altitude, we recommend taking some precautions to make your experience
even more enjoyable!

  • Protection from the sun: the sparkling air could fool you but remember that you are almost 3000 meters above sea level and protecting yourself from sunlight is the best prevention against a sunburn. In addition to a good layer of cream, we recommend that you also have a hat and sunglasses, useful accessories at this altitude;

  • Appropriate clothing: if you decide to go up to eat at our hut, you will have to walk a few meters from the gondola exit to the self service. But if you are considering the possibility of taking a walk, even the simplest one, we strongly recommend that you have appropriate footwear. Being a simple excursions, a pair of sneakers are already a perfect ally for comfortable walking; make sure you have a sweatshirt or a windproof jacket with you even on sunny days: the conditions could change abruptly: don't be caught unprepared!

  • Equipment for children: altitude excursions suitable for families that can be done on the Mottolino side are not accessible with strollers. We therefore advise you to have a backpack to carry your little ones, or to take a path that is not too long with older children: you will not want to be halfway there having to load them on your shoulder =) ;

  • Water and food: even for a simple excursion, having a small bottle of water and a chocolate bar in your backpack means making sure you have energy supplements available to deal with any needs along the way;

  • A plastic bag: abandoning your waste along the road is the worst lack of respect not only towards the mountain, but towards our whole nature. Paper handkerchiefs, napkins, bottles: take them to the valley and throw them in the sorting room.