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Passeggiata al Crap de la Parè a Livigno


One of the most recommended walks in the summer season is the one that takes you
from Mottolino to Crap Dala Parè.
After arriving at the top of the gondola ride, set off towards the Eira pass and then up towards Crap dala Parè.
Along the way you will have the chance to come across spectacular views of the Livigno and Trepalle valley. Your arrival point is marked by a large and imposing cross and from there you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Lake of Livigno.
Also stop looking at the sky: you could come across one of the most fascinating birds in the Alpine fauna, the bearded vulture.
To return to Livigno you can choose to take the path that descends along the north side of the mountain and leads you to Latteria (more challenging) or return along the same route as the one to get to state highway 301 (from here you can either take the free bus or return to Mottolino and get off again with the gondola).
Reccomended for all those who want to take a hike in Livigno that is not particularly demanding and very suggestive.
The path is also suitable for children. It is not passable with the stroller.
The many natural views make this path particularly instagrammable.
  • Technical difficulty: easy
  • Physical commitment: easy
  • Route length: 4.36 km
  • Travel time: from Mottolino to Crap dala Parè 1h + 15min