Camanel di Planon
Camanel di Planon © Eze Urrets

Camanel di Planon LivignoCamanel di Planon was founded at the dawn of the new millennium to support the increasing flow of tourists arriving in the valley of Livigno. A unique mountain hut, its design is based on a typical plan of the old houses of the region.

This pasta house was initially arranged in the typical hut style with a large living room, an open kitchen and two intimate dining rooms, a sandwich shop and an outdoor terrace.

From the beginning, the refuge has often been the stage for fun events, music, dinners and parties.

Following some structural changes, like the addition of windows to protect the outdoor terrace from the chill mountain winds, while not detracting from the breath-taking view of the valley, the terrace is now outfitted with luxurious seating, braziers and copper fixtures, an affordable luxury for those keen to enjoy the tranquillity of the snow-capped white peaks.

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Camanel can also be enjoyed in the evening: for dinner or parties. In winter, every Thursday, typical local specialities are served during the typical dinner. Contact us. We will put together a suitable programme to fit your needs!

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