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Principiante al Mottolino Bikepark Livigno


Come and experience the secrets of downhill riding in complete safety at Mottolino Bikepark!

Let's start with the bikes: designed to tackle obstacles encountered along the descent, downhill bikes (DH) are dual-suspension, with a wide fork travel and either 29" or 27.5" wheels. The former are better at absorbing shocks and terrain vibrations, while the latter are more agile and responsive. In our Online Shop, you'll find everything you need. We recommend our All-Inclusive packages All inclusive, protection gear, and a bike pass for the cable car ride up.

The best way to begin is by booking a lesson with an instructor, who will provide you with the right guidance to learn basic techniques and tackle trails without fear. Mottolino collaborates with Bike Livigno school: you can book the lesson on our Shop Online or directly at their desk inside our headquarters. And for your independent rides, explore all our blue trails, specially designed for beginners.

Full face helmet (obligatory): the helmet is absolutely fundamental for your safety inside the bikepark. We strongly recommend the use of the integral one as it will protect you in the best way in case you fall.

Mask: the use of a mask that completely isolates the visual field is very important to avoid problems with earth, small stones or other elements that could enter your eyes.

Protections for elbows and knees: they will provide maximum protection from cuts and scratches and will reduce the impact with the ground in case of falling in the parts that are most exposed like the elbows and knees.

Bodice: optional but highly recommended for those who want extra protection for their back and torso.

Shoes with a resistant sole: to ride downhill or freeride a pair of simple sneakers might be fine but we always recommend getting a pair of shoes that have a higher and more resistant sole that reduces the impact with the ground during the descent .

Gloves: they will guarantee greater grip on the brakes and protect you from cuts in the event of a fall. The hands are the first thing that will support you in the event of a fall, so it is very important to keep them covered.

Clothing: in this case there are no particular constraints but if you want to be really stylish riding your bike we recommend Mottolino bikepark’s official clothing, available for sale at the lower cable car station.

Helmets, masks, elbow guards, gloves and bodices are available both for hire and for sale at the Mottolino Rent located at the start of the Mottolino gondola. And they are included in our All-Inclusive!