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Struttura onda area Slopestyle Mottolino Bikepark Livigno


Within the Mottolino Bikepark, in addition to 14 trails, you'll find various areas, each equipped with specific features designed to enhance your fun!

The areas of the Bikepark cater to riders of all levels: the easiest lines, for example, are used by instructors to teach the basics of downhill techniques, while the intermediate lines are perfect for trying out new jumps. Finally, the most challenging lines are reserved for pro riders, who often use them to train for competitions.

Whatever line you decide to take, always assess the weather conditions carefully: visibility and wind are particularly crucial factors. It’s important to thoroughly evaluate the landing areas for jumps and drops, as well as the rideability of the berms. Wind can affect both your approach and the direction of your jump.


Located in the Passo Eira zone, the Jump Area is accessible from the Take It Easy and Flow Line trails. The first section of the Jump Area is dedicated to drops—obstacles featuring a flat or downward ramp with a landing positioned lower than the ramp itself:

  • DROP AREA: Comprising 7 drop lines arranged by difficulty, ranging from the simplest to the most challenging.

    After passing through the Drop Area, the Jump Area offers three jump lines, constructed from packed dirt and wood, also categorized by difficulty:

  • EASY LINE: The simplest line, often used by instructors to teach beginners how to handle the obstacles they’ll encounter in the Bikepark.

  • MEDIUM LINE: Featuring jumps that require a solid grasp of basic downhill techniques. This line is ideal for learning new tricks in preparation for more difficult obstacles.

  • SLOPESTYLE LINE: Designed for pro riders, this line includes a couple of ramps from the castle of the Suzuki Nine Knights, an international event hosted by Mottolino in 2015.

  • BIG AIR BAG: The Big Air Bag is an inflatable available to anyone with a bike pass. This year, it has been relocated to the Jump Area. It’s the perfect structure for any rider wanting to learn new jumps or simply enjoy launching onto an inflatable. In short, jump in—it’s soft!

Nestled entirely within the forest, the North Shore Area is located just before the end of the Bikepark and can be accessed from almost all the trails. It features a variety of wooden structures: step-ups, step-downs, spirals, berms, and much more. Similar to the Jump Area, there are obstacles for every rider: simpler ones for beginners and more challenging ones for experienced riders. And if none of them appeal to you, don’t worry—you can bypass the North Shore Area and continue along the trail to the gondola lift start!



The map of the Mottolino bike park is the essential instrument to start discovering the available paths.

Download it now and decide which ones are the most fitting paths for your riding likings, in which order you would like to go through them and how to improve your abilities in the famous Mottolino bike park.
Decide if you’re in the mood for technicality or flow, velocity or complexity and give yourself objectives to achieve: with the Mottolino bike park map in your hands, your experience starts already from your home.

Click on the image to view the Mottolino Bikepark Trail map.
If you prefer, download the map  in PDF format.

Flow Line and North Shore Area

Linea Slopestyle