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If you never tried downhill and freeride mtb, these sports might seem extreme to you, especially if you think about the videos you watched online where professional athletes ride down trails at high speed jumping over incredible stuctures as if it was the easiest thing ever.  Forget about it, because that’s not the truth: even you can try downhill and freeride!

How and where to start
The best way to access the bikepark for the first time is to be accompanied by one of Freeride School guide. Thanks to their experience you’ll be able to learn the basic techniques for your rides: from the tips to face the easiest trails, to the ones useful to face jumps and wooden structures. The first rides will be on the blue run, the easiest in the park (named Take It Easy), that goes from the arrival of the gondola along 4,5 km till the bottom of the lift.

Bikepark Livigno Mottolino

What to wear
Before starting your day in the bikepark, it is important to have the right clothing and the right protections needed to be more safe along park trails. Here’s what you will need:

  • Full helmet (mandatory): helmet is mandatory for your safety in the bikepark. Full helmet is strongly recommended to protect you in case of falling down;
  • Googles: use googles to protect your view and avoid  any contact with dirt, small rocks or other stuff that might get into your eyes;
  • Protection for elbows and knees: they’ll give you maximum protection from cuttings and scratches and they’ll reduce the impact with the terrain, in case  of fallings;
  • Back protection: it is an optional but we recommend it to give you an added protection to your back and body;
  • Shoes with resistent sole: for downhill an freeride it could be enough to have a pair of trainers but we suggest you to have shoes with a higher sole that will reduce the impact on your downhill ride;
  • Gloves: they will guarantee you more grip on the brakes and they’ll protect your from eventual cuts in case of fallings. Hands are the first thing that will help you in case of falls, that’s why it’s very important to keep them covered.
  • Clothing: here there are no particular restrictions, but if you want to be really stylish when riding your bike you should buy the official garments by Mottolino Bikepark collection. You can find them at "La Galleria" located downtown Livigno.

Helmets, googles, protection for elbows, gloves and back protection are all available at Dr. Rent either for sale or rental. Find it at the bottom of the gondola.

Bike rental Livigno

Which bike should you use?
To access the bikepark it is very important to use the correct bike. Let’s better understand this: a classic mountain bike is not ideal to ride the park because it doesn’t suit the terrain and the structures in the park. The best solution is to use the correct downhill and freeride bikes,  made to reduce the impact with the terrain and with great breaks for your descents. In case you dont’t have these bikes, Dr. Rent will help you with a great choice of Scott and Intense bikes. Click here to see what model are available.

Are you passionate about MTB and you start pedaling in spring? Do you want to alternate your rides with some good downhill biking? You are in the right place and Mottolino is just perfect for you!

You can enjoy so many services! Rent online the All Inclusive package (if you book in advance you can save a lot of money!) and choose the best bike for you: standard, exclusive or super exclusive by the best brands (check here for more info).

Ride along flow and technical trails, or try both to maximise your fun with us. Challenge yourself within our fun areas: you'll learn precious techniques useful on two wheels. 

Take advantage of the possibility to change your bike along the day by buying an Enduro Package: on the same day you'll either ride amazing sightseeing trails or exciting rides in the woods!

At the end of your day in the bikepark, fun will continue at Kosmo Food & Fun space, meeting point for riders at the bottom of the gondola.

Bikepark Mottolino Livigno

Black Eye, Sic58, Panet, Downhill 2005, or Wild Sheep...if you're a pro biker we know that these names are saying something to you. Together with the slopestyle lina and the jump area, they are the trails that complete the offer within the bikepark that most suits your needs!

It's not finished yet! Besides trails and special areas, always in top conditions thanks to daily maintenance, at Mottolino during summer season you'll enjoy many special events held in collaboration with important companies, or created to boost your need for riding! 

Don't miss a music appointment at Kosmo!

Livigno bikepark Mottolino