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Summer Products & Experiences


Bikepass Livigno

Mottolino Bikepark and Carosello 3000 entrance ticket.

starting from 43.50*
*rate Normal

Bikepass Mottolino

Mottolino Bikepark entrance ticket.

starting from 27.50*
*rate Normal

All Inclusive Bikepark

All Inclusive package to have fun at the Mottolino Bikepark. Includes: Bike, Protections and Mottolino Bikepass.

starting from 75.00*
*rate Insurance No

Bike Rental

Over 100 MTB:  DownhillEnduro E-bike, and City Bike. Top of the range guaranteed by Trek and Santa Commencal.

starting from 13.00*
*rate Morning ticket

Larix Park

The Larix Park is just the perfect place to go where you want to live an incredible and funny day off in Livigno

starting from 27.00

Pedestrian Gondola

Take a look at the incredible Alpine landscape. At the arrival of the Mottolino's gondola you will have different options of experiencing unique emotions.

starting from 12.00*
*rate Normal

MTB Gondola

If you love to pedal and face long excursion the Mottolino's gondola is what you're asking for to be able to reach the summit of mountain fastly then deciding which track is best to pick.

starting from 12.00*
*rate Normal

Downhill School

The Bike school conducts private downhill lessons in the Mottolino Bikepark, open to both adults and children.

starting from 75.00