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You won’t have made the most of your mountain holiday until you have done an alpine hike through our impressive mountain landscape.

The top of the lift marks the starting point for a variety of hiking trails and loops (Difficulty: middle), in a breath-taking landscape. A gravel path guides the way to Monte della Neve (3000 Meters): from here you will find yourself captivated by the Vallaccia valley – where the words ‘calm’ and ‘beauty’ take on new meaning.

Or you can go toward the Passo d’Eira, to the Crap della Paré: you will reach the summit cross in less than an hour where you will be struck by the panorama of Livigno and its lake.

Crap dala Parè Livigno

A longer but also easier trail leads to "la via dei baitel": in 2 hours you will have crossed the entire Mottolino slope, over Baitel dal'Ables and Baitel dali Fema: small mountain huts which were used by those tending the mountain pastures.

Further along, one reaches Valle delle Mine: where a snack of local specialities waits. Don’t forget to leave an entry in the guest book.

The landscape in the valley of Livigno is a real experience: the memories will follow you home, together with the calm and stillness, which will surely recharge your batteries.

For more information, look for the hiking maps at our cashier’s counter or check now our panoramic webcam. In the meantime you can buy your pass for the Mottolino gondola on MottolinoGO.com!

Livigno hiking map

From the Mottolino top station, one can hike toward the Passo d’Eira, climbing along the road that takes you to Crap dala Parè (Monte Parè). Your objective is marked by a large cross, from which you will have a breath-taking view of Livigno and its lake in the valley below. Enroute, don’t forget to stop and take in the views of this unique landscape, the feeling of freedom is intoxicating.

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • Physical effort: easy
  • From Mottolino to Crap dela Parè: 4.36 km, 1hrs.15 min.
  • 3 viewpoints: Mottolino, li Crapena and Crap dala Parè

For a longer, more challenging hike, choose the trail of Baitel – Val delle Mine: The trail runs along the entire mountain and takes you up to the mountain refreshment stand, Val delle Mine, where you can taste typical dishes made with fresh local ingredients. Along the way, take a moment to stop in Baitel and admire the small buildings that once served as refuge for shepherds.

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • Physical effort: average
  • To Val delle Mine: 8,5 km, 2hrs. 30 min.
  • From the refreshment stand Val delle Mine to the bus stop Tresenda: 3.4 km, 1 hr.
  • 5 viewpoints: Camanel di Planon, Baitel da l’Ables, Baitel dali Fema (Baitel dal moton da l’Al)
  • Check out the Cheseira dali Mina, and proceed to Cheseira dal Gras di Agnei (refreshment stand Val delle Mine)

This hike is technically easy, but requires an average level of physical fitness. From the bottom station, hike towards "La Corta", the trail leads to M’Eating Point restaurant. Don’t forget to stop here for a break. If you choose to take the gondola up, and walk down, you will make it much easier for yourself. The contact with nature charges your batteries and nurtures your soul.

  • From the Mottolino bottom station to M’Eating Point mountain restaurant: very easy, average physical fitness necessary: 4 km in 1hr. 40 min.
  • M’Eating Point to Mottolino bottom station: very easy: 4 km, 1 hr. 15 min.


For a simple alpine hike at high altitude, choose the path that leads toward Mont dala Nef (Mount Snow). In a short time, you will reach 2785 m, from where you can admire the immaculate Vallaccia, a vast expanse of green where absolute silence reigns.

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • Physical effort: easy
  • 3.5km, 1hr. 20 min.

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