• Bike Park Map
    Here you can download a PDF with an overview of the bike park.

1) Flow Line: red
Length: 2.500 m
This is a fast and flowing Trail, with high banked curves, a variety of jumps and mounds.

2) The First Ever: red
Length: 1.700 m
Fast singletrail, not too technical, although not without a few roots or rather steep sections either.

3) Downhill: black
Length: 2.200 m
This is a fast and technical trail; the spectacular race course of the 2005 MTB world cup: experts only.

4) Black Eye: black
Length: 300 m
A steep and slippery trail with a number of rocky sections, it connects to the Easy Line trail; very technical and challenging.

5) B.B.: black
Length: 180 m
A steep and slippery trail, with one very challenging section, it connects to the Easy Line trail.

6) Chemical Water: red
Length: 450 m
This is a rather flat trail, very fun thanks to the many roots and plentiful curves. At the end it connects to the First Ever trail.

7) Wild Black Sheep: black
Length: 548 m
This is a technical trail with narrow passages on the opposing slope.

8) 23: red
Length: 284 m
The creator of the more technical “Panet” trail created here a toned-down version. Nevertheless, there are still some narrow passages.

9) Stoner: red
Length: 2.000 m
This is a fast trail through the forest with a number of undullations, ideal for getting used to handling speed.

10) Panet: black 
Length: 586 m
This is a surprising black trail in the forest, between bushes, demanding passages and steep slopes; created by downhill enthusiasts for downhill enthusiasts.

11) Take it Easy: blue
Length: 4.400 m
In the first section this trail is flowing with some hills and mounds. From the 3rd km the trail gets narrower and enters the forest, making it all the more fun thanks to the occasional root: ideal for the first descent of the day or beginners.

12) EAS 23: red 
Lenght: 4.200 m
Built in 2014, it's a very streamlined course, fast for the more experienced ones and safe for the very beginners thanks to an average 6% gradient. The trail nowadays is 4,300 meters long and starting from Mottolino gondola top terminal it runs under the lift itself coming down to the overpass, from there the trail will continue till the north shore area at the end of the bikepark.

13) Sic58: black 
Lenght: 3.100 m
Built in 2015 it can be reached from the Eas23 and DH 2005 trails, it's a trail rich in obstacles thought for extreme bikers: huge step ups and gaps between 5 to 7 meters wide alternate to steep and technical terrain. During the season 2016 the trail has been extended to start from the Mottolino gondola top terminal.

14) Enduro Natural Trail: blue/red - NEW 2018
Lenght: 5.600 m

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