Safety at the bikepark
Safety at the bikepark © Eze Urrets

Just like in any other sport, accidents may be a variable to take into consideration, especially when talking about downhill and freeride. For this reason when you shred the park you have to consider the following suggestions and have fun being safe!

The first one is the mandatory use of a full helmet, followed by the strongly suggested use of gloves and protections for arms and legs, and also an appropriate bike. A normal mountain bike doesn’t offer the same performances as a full suspension that was creatd for these trails. A little bit like jumping in the snowpark with race skis =)

If you have never been in a bikepark before, we suggest you to have a look at our webiste in the area dedicated to first experiences in the bikepark, as to be able to learn the basis to bike downhill.  Another suggestion we give you is to get familiar with trails and descents together with an expert guide, that will help you recall good technique and gives you right tips to ameliorat your performance. 

  • It is strongly recommended to have basic knowledge of riding a bike;
  • It’s recommended to have a first easy ride on trails to get familiar with obstacles;
  • It is forbidden to walk inside the bikepark;
  • In case of a break it’s mandatory to clear the trail;
  • It is mandatory to keep safety distance between you and the rider ahead of you;
  • Rain may modify the terrain conditions, be careful when riding on wet trails;
  • In case of accident it’s mandatory to stop and assist injured people, calling bikepark patrolers;
  • It’s mandatory to wear a full helmet and protections for elbows and legs;
  • It’s mandatory to respect trails signals;
  • It’s forbidden to ride on unauthorized and not mapped trails;  
  • Be respectful for the environment, don’t leave trash or butts on the mountain; 

Every trail of Mottolino Bikepark is provided with signs and directories that indicate either trail level and special obstacles. At park entrance you will find a map that indicate trails and different areas: it’s important  to read it carefully and choose the trail that most suits our abilities. 

Segnaletica bikepark Mottolino Livigno

Trail  signs like the ones you see in the picture have to be interpreted this way:

  • Segnaletica bikeparkCoulour indicates the level and difficulty of the trail: the blue is for beginners, red is for intermediate bikers and black is for experts;
  • at the beginning of any trail you find the name of it;
  • Along the trail you’ll find the signposting with most challenging turns or obstacles. Take a slow ride before riding any trail pretty fast. 

Within Bikepark Mottolino we have a first aid service that is connected to the helicopter rescue at Sondalo hospital. It’s very important to always have with you a mobile phone where you can save the first aid number, to contact immediately in case of accident. 

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