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Escursione in MTB lungo i sentieri insieme alle guide di Livigno


MTB excursions in Livigno? With the MTB guides everything is easier!

Let yourself be guided by experts to discover an area that will fascinate you. Ask for advice on the route to follow that best suits your physical preparation, get a couple of tips also to improve the technique. The MTB school in Livigno has a lot to offer, and this is why we suggest that you contact them if this is the first time you come to visit us and you want professional support to guarantee a noteworthy experience. Mottolino offers you weekly MTB tours, in collaboration with Bike Livigno, with a certified guide to explore the best single trails in the territory of Livigno, Engadin and Alta Rezia. With the experience of guides and in the company of other enthusiasts, fun is guaranteed for everyone, uphill and downhill.

To enjoy the experience at its fullest, it is essential to have the perfect vehicle for each itinerary: all tours include a rental bike in the package price.

In collaboration with Bike Livigno for info and reservations +39 331 33 22 023

MONDAY:  Monte Parè – Val Tort – Valle delle Mine Difficulty S1/S2  —  Stelvio – Livigno Difficulty S2/S3
TUESDAY:  Bernina – Angeli Custodi Difficulty S2/S3 —  Lago del Monte Difficulty S2/S3
WEDNESDAY:  Val Vezzola Difficulty S1/S2 —  Stelvio Goldsee + Bim Bam Difficulty S2/S3
THURSDAY:  Val Viola Difficulty S1/S2 —  Piz Umbrail  Difficulty S2/S3
FRIDAY:  Passo del Forno – Val del Gallo Difficulty S2 —  Val Mustair Enduro Tour Difficulty S2/S3
SATURDAY:  Bernina – Angeli Custodi Difficulty —  Lago Nero  Difficulty S2/S3
SUNDAY:  Val Viola Difficulty S1/S2  —  Lach Palu Wild Toru Difficulty S3/S4

Difficulty Legend:

S0: not very steep paths, simple turns, accessible to anyone.
S1: more challenging trails but with no slippery ground and no steps.
S2: presence of slippery sections and a few steps.
S3: mostly slippery ground, higher steps.
S4: steep and slippery terrain, demanding turns requiring trialistic techniques.
S5: usually not viable, only a few can tackle these features on saddle.