Set up
Set up © Claudio Foco

The Slopestyle line, completely dedicated to pro rider, is a stunning line made of dirt and wood structures, including a couple of ramps from the Nine Knights castle useful to improve the riding level. Drop, wave, hip and dirt jump are the first features and they will be completed with further new structures in the coming months.

Slopestyle course bikepark Mottolino Livigno

Enjoy the video here below to understand what we're talking about:

This area on the Eira Pass, accessible by the ‘Take It Easy’ or ‘Flow Line Trail’, one can practice sequence dirt jumps. These jumps are along 3 different lines and 3 different levels of difficulty.

Jump Area Mottolino bikepark

Built in the forest, this area consist of a number of different kinds of structures: catwalks, suspension bridges over bubbling streams and winding staircases, located below the first half of Mottolino gondola and accissible from every trail.

Bikepark Livigno Mottolino

The perfect facility for learning new jumps or improving your technique must provide a soft landing, just as our Air Bag does. Located at the base of the Mottolino gondola, access is free for anyone with a bike pass. This is where your trail to the bike park’s big jumps begins!

Bikepark Mottolino Big Air Bag

Just above the jump area, you’ll find 4 drops suitable to medium/high level bikers. Starting from the smaller jump, it grows until the biggest one which is dedicated to expert riders that will test their abilities in this area.

Drop area Mottolino bikepark