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25 June 2024 8.1 °C
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25 June 2024 8.1 °C
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Skier durante una discesa sulle piste della ski area Mottolino a Livigno


The magic of winter snow is hard to put into words. It is not only a climatic condition,
but a change in the state of things. When it snows, silence falls, the atmosphere becomes sweet, the landscape is illuminated by a particular and unique light.
The day after a beautiful snowfall we move from quiet to a state of general excitement,
a mix between stupefied cries of children and skiers queuing to trace the first curves,
all summarized in perfect instagram stories, each telling experiences and personal emotions. Stories of hot chocolate and books read in front of a crackling fireplace, of old-fashioned snowmen, with buttons instead of eyes and carrots instead of noses. Stories of backpacks with claws, shovels and probes, and skiers looking for the perfect curve in dusty tracks, on possible unexplored paths.
Unique stories that only snow can tell us.
That's why we love it so much here at Mottolino.

A perfect mix between nature and fun, between sport and wellness where your only struggle will be what to choose. 31 ski lifts and over 110 kilometers of ski slopes, a natural school field for the first experiences and a series of structures designed for lovers of freestyle and freeride disciplines. Many side activities to complete your day on the snow and discover the mountain from other points of view. Let yourself be conquered.

Skipass Free:
: is the period that opens the winter season and goes from the last weekend of November until the Christmas holidays. In recent years the conditions have been variable, and seasons with heavy snowfalls have alternated with less rich seasons. With the modern artificial snow system, the ski areas are able to guarantee excellent coverage of the skiable surface.
Tips: it is the best time to take advantage of spectacular sunrises and high altitude slopes illuminated since early morning by the rays of the sun. Don't be fooled by thermometers: the thermal inversion is ready to give you a few more degrees at high altitude. Check out our page with weather stations and find out immediately what weather conditions await you.
Christmas holidays: this is the last week of December and the first week of January, when Livigno is reached by many people who love to spend this time of year in our company! Usually in this period 100% of the skiable surfaces are opened.
Tips: play cunning and optimize your time! Start your skiing days early and take a break before the shelters fill up with people for lunch. In Kosmo it is party time: consult the calendar of recurring events and find out immediately what is going to happen. Take advantage of the Christmas season to shop at one of our stores, lots of ideas for the whole family!
Full winter: we are in January, now the snow has dropped copiously, and all activities related to the winter season are at its full capacity. Temperatures are perhaps the coldest in the year, but the dry cold can be contrasted with good clothing. The slopes are not particularly full and the best time to ski in Mottolino is in the first days of the week, from Sunday to Tuesday.
Tips: it's the perfect time to try Dr. Rent's equipment and test new products. You could discover new ways to tackle the slopes and have fun. Also consider an out-of-the-ordinary experience, such as a high-altitude dinner with the snowcat or a snowmobile ride at sunset.
Carnival: it is the second period of high winter season, during which the perfect conditions are the background of a phase of intense activity throughout the territory. If it is true that there is a great deal of people, it is also true that the liveliness of this period makes it one of the most beautiful of the winter.
Tips: during the Carnival period there are many activities organized during the après ski, to be spent strictly in the company of friends who want to have fun! Bring a costume with you, a disguise, you may want to have a fun skiing!
Spring: The days get longer, the quality of the snow on the Mottolino slope preserves winter characteristics, the sun starts to warm up and the tan is guaranteed. If you think that the factors listed above play a fundamental role in the enjoyment of the white week, then spring is the time for you.
Tips: The high mountain sun in spring is much stronger than you can believe. Don't be fooled by the presence of snow and repair yourself with a good dose of sun cream: you may find yourself red like a pepper at the end of the day!
End of season Skipass Free: this is the period that closes the winter season, the one in which the promotional period justifies the partial closure of some lifts, in particular smaller ones downstream (although the situation varies from season to season). If you are a lover of our snow park, you still have time to enjoy some facilities.
Suggestions: at this time of year we recommend taking advantage of the early opening of some facilities to enjoy the best snow conditions that spring gives us in the morning. Take advantage of the long days for fun après skis in the middle of the country, kissed by the sun!