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Last Seats Available for new year’s eve at Kosmo

LAST SEATS AVAILABLE FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE AT KOSMO New Year’s Eve is very close and at Kosmo Taste The Mountain the very last seats are available! Hurry to make your reservation and get ready to welcome 2023 with an exclusive evening: “Fine Dining” tasting accompanied by live music until the midnight countdown. Followed by…
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New Partnership Mottolino – Gewiss

NEW PARTNERSHIP: MOTTOLINO – GEWISS New partner for Mottolino! It is Gewiss, the most important company in the electrotechnical sector with Italian capital, which operates internationally in the production of solutions and services for home & building automation, energy protection and distribution, electric mobility and smart lighting. Like Mottolino, Gewiss has placed sustainability at the…
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Mottolino is The House of Fun

MOTTOLINO IS “THE HOUSE OF FUN” Great news and important confirmations make Mottolino “The House of Fun” in this new and exciting winter season! Ours is the largest Ski Area in Livigno, with 27 ski slopes served by 8 efficient lifts. The Snowpark is confirmed as a reference point for riders of all levels, with…
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Mollino E-Commerce News: The Sky Adventure

MOTTOLINO E-COMMERCE NEWS: THE SKY ADVENTURE Mottolino broadens its horizons and reaches the sky of Livigno with the amazing Sky Adventure, the tandem paragliding flight experience. You can fly either on skis or on foot, and no specific physical preparation is required, other than a state of good health. The Sky Adventure is one of…
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Scalapay and Mottolino

SCALA PAY AND MOTTOLINO: A NEW PARTNERSHIP For the upcoming winter season, Mottolino has partnered with ScalaPay, the partner offering the “Buy Now Pay Later” payment formula. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to buy products or services on our e-shop at and pay in 3 monthly installments without interest. A great…
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Vista estiva su Livigno dal Crap de la Parè

Biker verso le piste del Bikepark Mottolino a Livigno


On the most beautiful days the blue sky contrasts with the bright green of the meadows covered with yellow flowers, which seem to be spread out like a carpet. Some still white tops leave us only with the memory of the winter season, but being able to get up there and touch the snow with hand, gives us a feeling of strength and power, as if we came into contact with a rare and precious element.

Summer in Livigno is not only this: in the years man and nature have found the right compromise and the old paths once used only by shepherds are now paths for bikers and pedestrians, looking for fun and entertainment. The mountain with its slow and natural rhythms accompanies sports activities of all kinds, allowing tourists to experience every element of it: stones and roots for bikers, fresh water for walkers and swimmers, land for hikers and runners.

A new mountain that offers its gentle slopes for a man who, more and more,
needs its contact to find a healthy balance.


Stones and roots

They are the natural obstacles preferred by those who appreciate adrenaline disciplines like downhill and gravity,
the elements that pushes a man to challenge himself to reach new abilities. There are plenty of them on the more technical paths of the Mottolino bikepark.
They can also be found along some pedestrian paths, in the mid-high mountains, in areas where angry nature has uprooted some trees, or in woods that seem to host magical creatures.

In its natural state, water in summer in Livigno is offered to man in various ways: you find it along the paths while it flows in powerful waterfalls, or in small but cool streams that quench your thirst during long walks. It is the perfect companion for navigation activities on the lake: in pedal boats with the family or for strenuous trips in the sup and canoe. An ally for fun. And if you really can't resist its solid state, it is up to you to walk long and steep paths to the feet of some snowfields
The perfect ally for those who love running: it cushions the hits, and with the right footwear, it allows you to enjoy to the maximum the benefits of the simplest sporting activity of the summer season. It is also the basic element in high-altitude bike tours to discover unexplored places, light years away from everyday life, made more accessible by the technological evolution of E-bikes..
One of the most famous natural element, man's companion since always and for all daily activities.
Living wood in your summer holiday in Livigno does not simply mean walking in the woods after a rainy day to get excited by its smell, but also climbing plants, and letting yourself go along the suspended paths of the Larix Park adventure park, inside of which trunks and trees are companions of days full of fun.