E-Bike © Eze Urrets
E-bikes in Livigno are the new offer to an already wide range of two-wheels activities. Besides freeride, crosscountry, downhill and fatbike, you can try a new and easy way to ride a bike and enjoy special packages. The only requirement: wanting to stay in the open air and discover new places. 
Imagine yourself during your holidays, with your family, your friend or your partner: you won't have to give up anything, neither if you are not well trained. 
10 scott e-bikes are available at Dr. Rent, and you can rent them starting from € 37,00 for half a day. Take the information map at the ticket office and choose the trail that suits your abilities: you can start from the very easy one in Val Federia, to Val delle Mine, Or to Trela and Cancano, coming back from Val Alpisella. 
With these bikes Livigno widens its horizons: say goodbye to fatiguing days without comfort and pleasure. With your pedal assisted electric bike, a tasty break is part of the game! What are you waiting for? Book your e-bike on MottolinoGO!
E-bike Livigno