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Mottolino highlights

This winter at Mottolino…. Grab your Passions!

This winter at Mottolino…. Grab your Passions!

A message, a wish, an invitation.. because passion is what fullfills your life!

The British Freeski and Snowboard national team chose Mottolino for their preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games in PyeongChang in 2018

The British Freeski and Snowboard national team chose Mottolino for their preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games in PyeongChang in 2018

An agreement has been signed between the Fun Mountain and Team GB park & pipe, which will see them as partners for the upcoming 3 years, the trainings of the athletes will happen on a one of its kind feature.

Welcome to Mottolino!

Skiing in Livigno is synonymous with Mottolino: mountain huts, ski and snowboard slopes for every level, free kindergarten, the famous snowpark and much more.

On this homepage you can find out about all our services, from ski rental to ski and snowboard school, the prices of tickets and passes as well as special offers and discounts. Surely your heart races just at the thought of a holiday in Livigno!

Mottolino is waiting for you with new experiences, assisted by our team of young and dynamic staff. The best time of your year, your Ski holiday!

Our partners

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They visited Mottolino in the past seasons:

Trio Medusa | Caspar Lee | Tanja La Croix | Vittorio Brumotti | Giorgia Palmas | Niki Schelle | Aaron Durogati
Aline Bock | Sabrina Cakmakli | Tobi Reindl | Giorgio Rocca | Markus Eder | Nick Goepper | Tom Wallisch | Max Parrot | Roy Kittler
Halldor Helgason | Tor Lundström | Billy Morgan | Katie Summerheyes | Aimee Fuller | Katie Ormerod | David Wise | Nicky Keefer | Aspen Spora Paddy Graham | Sage Kotsenburg | Jossi Wells | Christof Schenk | Elias Ambühl | Jonas Hunziker | Fabian Bösch | Seppe Smits | Kai Mahler
Nicola Dioli | Lisa Zimmermann | Silvia Bertagna | Luca Tribondeau | Marco Donzelli | Øystein Bråten | Keita Inamura | Kevin Backstrom
Peetu Piiroinen | Seb Toutant | Sven Thorgren | Luca Schäfer | Simon Gruber | Jesper Tjäder | Emil Zulian