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What's happening at Mottolino

If you have been to Livigno recently, you might have noticed the construction at the bottom of our gondola. And for sure you have asked yourself what's going on here.
Well, today we'll give you the first information on this important project, without unvealing everything immediately. We want to surprise you and we'll do it a little bit at a time.
Where do we start?
From a DREAM!
A dream that Mottolino CEO, Marco Rocca, has shared with his brother Davide for some time, and shaping it concretely during the pandemic, one of the hardest time for mountain entrepreneurs.
A dream fed by the opportunity of hosting the Olympic Games in 2026, when Livigno and Mottolino will be key players on freestyle scene on a stage in front of the whole world.
Could there be a better chance?
It's from here that the new idea has been shaped by Marco with the help and precious support of his sister Sara. The new headquarters will change either on the outside and inside, becoming a service center at disposal of the community, guests and friends of Livigno.

Kosmo Taste the Mountain - Livigno & AlpINN

In order to take a big step ahead in hospitality as well, a big change in food service was needed.
Being certain of wanting to give value to our territory and aware of how important a culinary experience is for making memories, Mottolino has started a partnership with MoFood, the holding owned by Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti, that will take the strategic direction of the restaurant.
An important change toward mountain food, based on the ethical philosophy Cook the Mountain by Norbert Niederkofler, with a sustainable food offer and a structure in harmony with nature.
With this in mind we also needed to give a new image to Kosmo, and we are proud to present you the new logo, promising to tell an interesting story!
If you want to know more, click here to read the press release!