Description: The Exclusive Adult Ski rental includes top-of-the-range skis specific for men or women, ideal for those who grind kilometers of slopes and want to make perfect curves like Giorgio Rocca, but also for those who want products with very high technical performance in slamom, giant and all mountain. They are all equipped with a technology that allows maximum stability for high-speed skiing.

Choose this package if: You want to try the highest level experience that the research and technology of the ski world are able to offer, giving you new emotions and exclusive personal performances.

Policy: Products/services purchased in advance of the date of use will be reimbursed 100% if the beneficiary cannot use them due to an impediment linked to the dissemination of COVID-19.
The refund of the product/service purchased online will be returned net of commission. 

When: 9:00-16:45 every days. Where: Starting point of  the Mottolino.
Notes: In case of no-show of the customer (no show up) the supplier will not be required to provide the service on another date and / or time.
The supplier will be able to propose alternative dates / times for the provision of the service in case a majeure force will prevent the delivery on the day chosen by the customer at the time of purchase.
Mottolino APP Points: YES - 1 point for every euro spent.


Ski Rental

Ski Adult Exclusive

Item code: 0021

Exclusive Adult Ski: the highest solution that research and technology in the ski world are able to offer you.

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