Important: the promo is aimed exclusively at online rental. For direct rental at Mottolino Rental, consult the price list.

Description: with the All-Inclusive Premium package, in just one click you can rent your bikepass for access to the Mottolino Bikepark and a Trek Session 8 for storming through the park plus protective gear and helmet. A sturdy aluminium frame and innovative suspension design mean you can count on a bike with excellent traction and speed. And, if you want to upgrade your bike to Exclusive level, you can do this at any time at the rental shop at the lower cable car station.

Available sizes: S (based on the person's height).

Size S: 161-175 cm

Offer includes: Mottolino Bikepass, bike, protective gear, helmet and goggles. Remember: the All-Inclusive package costs less than purchasing bike rental and bikepass separately!
Handy hints: always wear goggles to prevent dirt, small gravel or anything else from getting in your eyes. When it comes to clothing, there are no particular requirements but we recommend wearing shoes that ensure excellent grip on the pedals.
When: every day, from 10 June to 24 September, from 08.30 to 17.30.
Rental at the departure point of the Mottolino gondola - Map
Policy: bike insurance, which can be purchased online at a cost of €10.00, provides product damage coverage up to €300.00.
Please note: in case of no-show, the supplier is not obliged to provide the service on another date and/or time. The supplier can provide the service on other dates/times if, owing to factors beyond our control, it is not possible to provide it on the day chosen by the customer at the time of purchase.
Mottolino APP Points: YES (1 point for every euro spent).

All Inclusive DH Premium

All Inclusive DH Trek Session 8

Item code: 1013-2-1

The All-Inclusive package for a Premium-level experience: bikepass + Trek Session 8 + protective gear and helmet, with the option of upgrading the model at any time.

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