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Co-working spaces are innovative work environments based on joint use of working spaces by professionals in the same or different sectors. They are increasingly common and revolutionising the very concept of work: the goal is to offer the self-employed a space equipped with all the services they need such as meeting rooms, individual work stations and relaxation areas. Co-working spaces are also suitable for students needing a stimulating but quiet space to study in. A great many such spaces have opened up in Italy in recent years and Mottolino thus decided to open one right here at its headquarters, inside our Digital Cave, at the lower cable car station.

The Mottolino co-working space is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm and entrance can be half or full day. The Mottolino co-working space offers a large meeting area, two workstations and two single workstations, plus a relaxation area with a coffee machine and kettle. With its fast internet connection, printer and mega-screen for screenings and conference calls, the co-working space is easy to get to on public transport with a bus stop right next to the building or by car thanks to the large car park opposite.

It is designed for single entrance tickets: if you are a company contact us at [email protected] for all the information you need.