Kosmo © Eze Urrets

Kosmo is the new Food & Fun Space of the Mottolino family since summer 2016 and it is a place for all of those who are looking for a tasty and quick lunch without missing out on quality.

It soon became a landmark for bikers in fact Kosmo is the ideal place for a break at any time of the day, from lunch, to the mid-afternoon break, to the happy hour. Pizzas and Hamburgers are ruling the menus, but there are also salads, soups or different types of pasta.

Pizza at Kosmo are prepared with strictly selected products. Form the flour for the dough to the tomato sauce, from ham to mozzarella and cheese, the result is a product with a simple taste but extraordinarily delicious.

Not only bikers! Kosmo is located a few steps away from the walk path next to the river, it is easily reachable from the town and it offers a nice terrace for a relaxing time under the sun.

Booking and info number: +39 346 1152048