Weather Livigno
22 May 2024 4.2 °C
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22 May 2024 4.2 °C
Overcast clouds
Perceived: 4.2°
Humidity: 100%

Biker che guarda l'orizzonte esultando al Mottolino Bikepark di Livigno


You spice up when winter comes to an end, so much that you’d melt the snow with a hairdryer in order to access the trails as soon as possible.

You take good care of your bike and you treat it as if it were you partner, almost breaking out in tears if there is a scratch. When it’s time to ride you don’t even check the forecast: good or bad, rain or mud, does not matter, if the bike park is opened you must be there.

You have a group of friends, with mates as crazy as you, that from season to season pushe you to improve, as you always ride together and if one improves the other, no one can fall behind.

You attached a Mottolino sticker somewhere and if you still don’t have it, it’s because you didn’t have the chance to come to visit us yet.
Welcome back to Mottolino, Bike Park Lover!