Important: the price is aimed exclusively at online rental: for direct rental at Mottolino Rental, consult the price list.

Description: the Trek Remedy 8 is the ideal Entry Level MTB for mountain excursions and also an excellent BikePark ride. The aluminium alloy frame makes it lightweight and resistant, the Shimano groupset ensures precise and fluid shifting; the high quality suspensions ensure excellent reactivity on all types of trails, and the telescopic seat post delivers comfort when riding up or downhill.

Available sizes: M L XL (based on the person's height).

Size M: 161-172 cm
Size L: 177-188 cm
Size XL: 186-196 cm

Included in the offer: bike, protections, helmet and mask. The Bikepass is not included.
Useful info: if you decide to ride in the BikePark, always wear a mask, to prevent dirt, small stones or other things from getting into your eyes. There are no particular restrictions regarding clothing, but we advise you to wear a pair of shoes that guarantee excellent grip on the pedal.

When: every day from 08.30 to 17.30.
Rental at the departure point of the Mottolino gondola - Map

Policy: bike insurance, which can be purchased online at a cost of €10.00, provides product damage coverage up to €300.00.
Please note: in case of no-show, the supplier is not obliged to provide the service on another date and/or time. The supplier can provide the service on other dates/times if, owing to factors beyond our control, it is not possible to provide it on the day chosen by the customer at the time of purchase.
Mottolino APP Points: YES (1 point for every euro spent).

MTB Enduro Entry Level

MTB Enduro Trek Remedy 8

Item code: 2009-1-1

The ideal mountain bike for your first excursions, fitted with the same parts as higher-end models. Available in the sizes M-L-XL.

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