Mottolino celebrated its grand-opening 60 years ago, in November 1958. Workers on the project laboured hard to bring the project to fruition. Today, our company is one of the best-known in the Alps.

The first ski lift in Livigno was opened on Mottolino in November 1958. Skiing began in the same year in the ‘little Tibet’.

Today, in winter Mottolino has up to 150 staff working in offices, the mountain restaurant, on the lift facilities, for the maintenance of the slopes and snow-making as well as in the snow park and rental services.

Human Resources is of the highest importance to us. We share not only the same values but the same goals as well.

In order to keep everyone motivated and well-trained, we often organise professional development opportunities.

Our team

Luciano Rocca
Luciano Rocca President
Marco Rocca
Marco Rocca CEO
Fabio Bormolini
Fabio Bormolini Slopes Director
Fabio Rini
Fabio Rini Head of facilities
Claudio Gazzoni
Claudio Gazzoni In charge of Mottolino mountain huts
Luca Caroppo
Luca Caroppo In charge of Camanel di Planon restaurant
Alessia Galli
Alessia Galli Marketing manager
Alice Pennente
Alice Pennente Graphic Designer
Simona Pensotti
Simona Pensotti MottolinoGO manager
Matteo Bongiolatti
Matteo Bongiolatti Purchasing and financial management manager
Luigi Paindelli
Luigi Paindelli Head of ticket offices
Siria Fedrigucci
Siria Fedrigucci HR training
Matteo Colombo
Matteo Colombo Social Media Manager
Simone Nani
Simone Nani In charge of Larix Park
Mauro Toffaletti
Mauro Toffaletti Head of Trail builders
Gerry  Cusini
Gerry Cusini Head of Trail builders
Luciano Della Valle
Luciano Della Valle Kosmo Manager
Alex Sella
Alex Sella Dr. Rent manager