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#Free[your]style is Mottolino’s summer campaign to celebrate the value of freedom and being able to do what we love most. The last few months have interrupted our daily lives, and now it’s time to go back to enjoying them to the full, appreciating even the small things we used to take for granted. The arm ache after a day in the saddle, the adrenaline of that first jump onto the inflatable bag, or the noise at the bottom cable car station.

We’ve translated these emotions into a (temporary) logo and some graphic designs to suit the mood of this season: a symbolic expression of what we’ve learned and of our desire to appreciate every single thing that gives our days an edge. Mottolino embodies the value of freedom: in the mountains, in the activities they offer and in our very state of being. #Free[your]style is an invitation to once again experience the real mountains and their dynamic activities and to express your own style every time. It’s about enjoying a day of biking on our trails to the full, with the scent of wet meadows in your nostrils and sticky mud on your calves, or appreciating a walk at high altitude where the breathtaking views put our daily lives into perspective, helping us come back stronger.

#Free[your]style is about breaking the mould and asserting your own personality.
#Free[your]style, Mottolino summer 2020