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Neues Jahr 2020 in Mottolino di Livigno

31 Dezember 2019


Are you checking on the best new year's eve parties in Livigno? They are all from Mottolino! If you are in Livigno on the 31th of December and you are looking for something exlcusive and cool to do for the last night of the year, Mottolino offers to you 2 astonishing locations and three different options . . .


Kosmo Dinner & Party – Welcome 2020! 
When you are talking about Kosmo you don’t need explanations. Very reachable from the village, fully coloured, creative and super energetic! We will be waiting for you for the greatest '60s American Style theme party with the best delicious street food that you ever saw! BOOK NOW

Kosmo Party – Welcome 2020! 
Then, just for the post dinner, the best party to get yourself into the 2020 properly!
We will be waiting for you at the Kosmo, from 01.00 am with the best old time music plus a fantastic choreography created by our own dancers' team. BOOK NOW

Camanel di Planon Dinner & Party – Welcome 2020! 
The coolest New year’s eve night at altitude in a beautiful wooden-made alpine shelter, where you can just breathe a welcoming and informal atmoshpere in the best venue . . . Just one name: Camanel di Planon and we’ll be waiting for you! The only keyword: Music ON and enjoy the party to the fullest! BOOK YOUR TABLE +3903421856226


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