La storia di Yepi
La storia di Yepi

One day, the hunter, Bepin de la Pipa, found a beautiful fawn tied to a tree near the Ponte delle Capre, the bridge of goats, over the Torto river. Instead of killing it, he let it go. Later, he went to market in Tirano, but couldn’t sell any cattle, but instead was approached by a lovely, mysterious woman. She paid for his entire livestock, but let him keep it afterwards and return with it to Livigno.

Before parting, she pleaded for the hunter to always be merciful with young fawns, but asked him to kill instead the tawny fox, le Mine. The mountain man Bepin understood that this young woman had been transformed from the young deer he had spared: it was one of many spells that an old sorcerer living in the region had cast.

The seasons passed, and one day, while Bepin de la Pina was cutting hay, he saw the tawny fox: he slashed at it with his scythe, hitting it with a powerful swath, and cutting its legs badly, but the fox retreated into the valley below and escaped. On the same evening the old sorcerer was rushed to the doctor, wounded in the legs in the same way as the fox that Bepin had slashed.

One thing was clear: the sorcerer, El Striòn, had been embodied in that animal. Belpin knew it was none other than that sorcerer who had hurt the girl he had met at the market in Tirano. Once the sorcerer died, no one in the valley ever heard of magical spells, transforming animals or evil foxes ever again.

In town the women could once again hang up their laundry to dry without finding it lying on a distant mountain slope the following day.