Yepi Children’s Ski Slope
Yepi Children’s Ski Slope © Eze Urrets

Kids ski slopes LivignoNext to the slope, Pista degli Amanti, which leads from Mottolino top station to the valley floor, there is the Yepi Children’s Course (named after our friendly mascot, Yepi, who was inspired by a local fairy tale).

Consisting of a variety of diverse playgrounds which help our little ones learn to ski better while also having tons of fun.

How to play with Yepi?

It’s very simple: simply ski along the Yepi course, which goes from the gondola top terminal down to the bottom one, and every time you find our Yepi... hug him! Every hug will give you the chance to collect valuable points!

Kids ski slopes Livigno

How good have you been? Check it out on the big screen located outside the gondola bottom terminal at the end of the slope and keep on following the official game ranking online... you might be Mottolino winter champion!

What are you waiting for? Watch the video to see some of the fun structures awaiting you in the course and then off you go... heading Dr Rent to get the Ye-tector, your electronic points counter, to start playing the game!

Following is the history and an overview of our yepi facilities or clic here to download the map!