Ski slopes
Ski slopes © Thomas Confortola / GoPro

Mottolino is the biggest ski area in Livigno with 27 slopes (6 blue, 16 red and 5 black).

The longest slope drops 875m along a length of 6 km. Beginning by the Valfin chair lift, it leads over the whole mountain, through the forest and ends in town. It is also an ideal slope for beginners: wide and relatively flat. Half-way down one can even stop at M’Eating Point mountain restaurant and enjoy a quick break!

One of the easiest slopes is the famous Pista degli Amanti – from the top station it brings you directly to Livigno: nearby one also finds the Yepi slope, exclusively for children – with games and fun feature!

Trepalle or Sponda Fis are well suited for intermediate skiers: loads of nice curves and always something new to discover!

Giorgio Rocca (named after the former World Champion in Slalom) is ideal for expert skiers.

Here you can find more information about all our ski slopes and their attributes:

Slopes and lifts Livigno