Mottolino Freeride Experience
Mottolino Freeride Experience © Thomas Confortola

Freeride in Livigno means immaculated valleys and untouched slopes in a silent and ethereal nature. New and unique emotion for skiers used to ride tracked slopes, wanting to get in touch with nature in a more intimate way

Riding a tracked slope allowes you to learn a style a prefection a technique. Freeriding is something else, it’s about discovering nature, free expression, creativity. It’s the pleasure of plowing new ways, with turn that the first breath of wind will blow away. It’s experiment and discovery, it’s pure emotion.

Be guided by real mountain professionals, discovering fascinating but risky terrains: in fact, it is important to know either the territory and the weather and snow conditions to practice safe freeriding, and nothing is safer than to trust the guides.

Book your freeride day, and make sure you have your safety kit made of Artva beacon, probe and shovel, that you can find at Dr. Rent, where you will also find the Scott Airbag with the newest Alpride technology, one of the fastest in inflating, that increases your off pist safety.

Get used to consult every day the avalanche bulletin, available at this link: it is updated daily with the information you need for a good danger evaluation.

For more information and booking please call: +39 0342 97 78 00

Freeride Livigno