Nicolò Cominelli
Nicolò Cominelli © Eze Urrets

The last entry in the Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam is Nicolò Cominelli, born in 2000, the youngest of the group.

From Livigno, Nicolò has grown up with the freestyle club Livigno, where he discovered a great passion for this sport and where he started landing the first tricks.

After he left skiing for a couple of seasons due to an injury and to the missing of a professional group to train with, Nicolò has requested to join the team with great will to train and to work to grow in terms of sports.

He studies in Bozen and he joins #theTeam during the weekends and school holidays, while he continues with his work in the gym during the week with the help from Livigno of our staff.

“I want to try to get better and better, learn new tricks and new grabs. My goal is to get better in competitions that I will join and in which I will give my best” this is what the young member of #theTeam who is definitely very determined!

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