Ian Rocca
Ian Rocca © Eze Urrets

Ian was born in 1997 and started skiing when he was just over two years old. He immediately started competing and also getting some good results in races at Italian level. After six years of racing has found out that the best part of skiing was the one out of the ski poles: freeride and snowpark. Thanks to some friends he practiced freestyle but soon after he got injured and that’s how it happened that he really understood what the right sport for him was: after a few races in Livigno he "got bigger" coming to win races at the national level.

"He has one great goal and will do anything to achieve it...”

In winter 2014 he participated in the Nine Knights night shooting and he took part in the event throughout the whole 2015 edition. 

His sponsors: Mottolino, Atomic, Pascucci, Livigno, Level

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