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Gara Mottolino Freestyle

Races at their start for the Mottolino Freestyle #TheTeam: behind the scenes on the first away races

23 February 2016


After months of intense athletic and acrobatic training and the first ski training sessions, for the Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam time for the first races has come.

Ian, Luca and Tobia led by Dimitri Cusini, coach and athletic trainer, in early February, have had their first opportunities to compete against top European riders in two FIS races in Grindelwald, Switzerland, and in Vars, France.

“We knew that the level was very high and we are only at the beginning of this adventure” explained Mattia Pegorari the head coach “but we believe that comparison is fundamental for our guys and so it was!”.

“Despite the results, certainly not exciting for the positioning in itself, the experience was very positive” says Dimitri. “The guys have had the opportunity to test themselves out and see what level they are at in comparison to other European riders and especially they’ve had the chance to understand what’s necessary to work on hard to expand their personal skills”.

The slopestyle race in Grindelwald, due to bad weather, had been replaced by a rail contest “We were all very thrilled because this year at Mottolino we have worked particularly on this, given the lack of snow in early season” agreed the three freestylers.
Ian and Tobias performed well in the qualifying runs, managing to make it to the final, where instead they went a little too wrong, not giving the best of themselves.
Luca, however, unfortunately got himself betrayed by emotion: even though this condition makes experience as well. After all the race is always a different story to what happens when skiing in the park with the team or the friends!

Only Ian and Tobia moved on to Vars, while Luca came back to Livigno due to work commitments. In Vars Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam landed among the great ones, having the wonderful opportunity to compare itself to some of the best European skiers and skiing side by side with them.

“It was a great experience, although the results haven’t been excellent. I’ve tried riding at my best despite the wind got up. I’m coming back, however, with the awareness of how much longer we have to ski and an even larger desire to train!” says Ian.

Tobia, however, said to be satisfied “I thought I was going to do worse, however, I was able to give my best. The trip was very useful for me to understand exactly what I have to work on more: I just can’t wait for the next opportunity! “

Back from France with Tobia’s 26th place and Ian’s 31st, the Mottolino Freestyle #TheTeam boys wasted no time and immediately went back training at Mottolino Snowpark being finally at its top.

Next date in the coming weeks with other races to come… in the meantime follow our guys Ian, Luca and Tobia on their social channels.