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Freestyle nello Snowpark di Mottolino

Mottolino freestyle #theTeam: trainings at the Mottolino snowpark in Livigno have begun.

20 December 2016


At the beginning of june, after a couple of weeks of stop, the guys from Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam have restarted their athletics trainings, this days seemed to be agaes away. During the last days though, Elisa, Ian, Luca and Nicolò have finally started to ride their home resort’s snowpark… firstly on some rail features and jibbing features, from yeaterday though, also on the first two jumps, one of 14 m and one of 16 m.

So, at least for some time, they can say goodbye to the long journeys and traveling hours to get to the glaciers… now they can start to train seriously at the Mottolino snowpark which will be more complete every day until its full completeness in January due to the first big events.

They all agree about being really happy: “It’s great to have a jump in such good conditions, it gives us the chance to train for the upcoming FIS compeitions and Europe Cups which will start in mid January, I can’t wait for all the features to be ready” says Ian.

Luca highlights: “We are lucky to have such a good jumps, because so far it is the only snowpark in Italy with an XL and L jump at this level”.

Also Elisa at her first season in Livigno is very happy: “It’s awesome to have a big jump so early: I can’t wait to try all kind of tricks on it”

Well, the jumps are woth to be tried even if they are only two… What are you waiting for? Come to visit us and keep following the guys from #theTeam on their social networks.