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Mottolino freestyle

Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam: the right mix of passion and competence

14 November 2015

For years while programming work the  team flashed in, but I still remember today that day in August 2014 when the project was put on paper as something to be developed… in reply to the almost provocative question “who wants to follow this?” I didn’t hesitate a single second in raising my hand. And now thanks to Mottolino… here we are, in this wonderful adventure: Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam!
I follow many projects and I can say that I work with them all with passion and determination. This one, however, has a special flavor because it’s a project made for people and with people and it’s exactly for this reason that it’s even more engaging and exciting!
Mottolino Freestyle The Team is like a thin but solid link between past, present and future.
It’s in the history of each one of us who, in a past amateur racing career, has dreamed of becoming a pro, has dreamed of finding supporting companies, coaches to learn from and teammates to keep motivation up and train with.
It’s the present for Ema, Ian, Tobia and Yuri, but not only. It’s the present for everyone working on the project from behind the scenes: in first place Mattia and Dimitri and then Siria, Alessia, Thomas, Alice, Marco and myself… the present, in short, it’s Mottolino Freestyle The Team. It’s a project that wants to go beyond the ordinary, supporting and giving lifeblood to the dreams of these young people to whom Mottolino entrusts the task of conveying its message on the snow throughout whole Italy, but not only.
It’s their time with the chance to really give it a go, with an all-round organization to follow them: not only ski training, but also athletic and mental training, organization , logistics, marketing and communication.
It’s the future because the project wants to help them build a stronger tomorrow giving them satisfaction, both in sports and as individuals.
Just like all projects, this one as well is driven by passion and confidence in the potential of young people, in particular of young freestylers with their somehow alternative and a bit over the top way of dealing with things.
Mottolino with Freestyle #theTeam wants to send a loud and energy-filled message even to people practicing niche sports… full speed ahead then, winter is approaching and we still have our whole story to write.
Waiting to know more about Ema, Ian, Tobia and Yuri, discover the presentation page of the Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam.