Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam
Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam

Mottolino Freestyle #TheTeam

Who among us has never put passion for something in life?

Whether it is for sport, for work, for love, when there is passion for something we put all strengths and energies to achieve what we want and we care for.

At Mottolino we follow with passion a project which is nearly 20 years long: that of the snowpark. We began by strongly believing in the beauty and potential of winter sports, surely the craziest ones but also the most fun. Nowaday a whole new world of sportsman is a reality and many of you are part of it. We’ve had athletes of international caliber visiting us who, with their dreams, have inspired and encouraged us to do something more.

We have created a new project and asked two athletes to be part of it, sharing with us the love for mountains and sport. We have also involved a team manager and athletic trainer, an actitude trainer and a communication team to bring to life an ambitious project in which everything will revolve around the passion for freestyle. We are doing it because at Mottolino we believe in young people and in their potentials. We are convinced that in order to grow talented individuals it is necessary to provide a fertile ground where sacrifice, motivation and dedication can bring kids off, maybe even across the World.

Ian Rocca and Elisa Nakab are two three athletes of the Mottolino Freestyle #theTeam. Find out in this section of our website all info about the project and the athletes.