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Snowpark innevato

Winter continues at Mottolino: snow and snowpark waiting for more news

16 February 2016


After the recent snowfalls, Livigno and Mottolino ski area are showing off their best outfit: snow, sun and a lot of fun are waiting for you to keep living a great winter season.

Thanks to temperature, definitely more suitable to winter then those in the past weeks, snowpark preparation is getting close to an end. The snowpark is now counting 49 obstacles placed and 4 jump lines open. After riding everyday for a few weeks now, it’s many riders’ opinion that this is a fun park: its differentiating elements are well made jumps and long runs of structures suitable to all levels.

Try to believe: you can start with a few jumps and then move to the super-fun structures that will follow you until Trepalle chairlift bottom terminal: just one run is worth a thousand!

For the fun of children Yepi course is almost ready: a mix of games and structures designed for them leading to the discovery of the wonderful world of our cute mascot.

Ain’t this enough yet? You do well not being satisfied as the news at Mottolino Fun Mountain don’t end here! Stay tuned to find out what we are preparing for you and… start to plan your holiday now to come and have fun with us in Livigno on MottolinoGO.