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Vote Mottolino for Modena Snowpark Awards 2015

3 October 2015

Just like every year one month before Skipass Modena exhibition, the candidacies to Snowpark Awards are open. 
Find our where you’ll find us, and why we believe you should vote for us. To support us, use this link:
1. BEST PARK: winter 2014-15 has been a season of great changes. We’ve started a collaboration with Schneestern, the company that has helped us building Nine Knights caste in every edition. Together with them we’ve moved entirely the S line, to facilitate access to more people. We’ve completed the artificial snow lines, that allowed us to open the first XL line kicker at the beginning of January. We then created the industry line, with nwe structures that you really appreciated. Isn’t that enough? Check the snowpark overview, to understand how big it was. =)
Snowpark Mottolino Livigno
2. BEST PRO LINE: open from the 6th of January, it allowed pro riders to train ad have fun for the whole season. From Seppe Smits to Katie Summerhayes, and the athletes who took a challenge during Nine Knights Mottolino Open.
Seppe Smits Mottolino snowpark Livigno
3. BEST MARKETING: we’ve been authors and protagonist of important events. Besides the partnership with Schneestern, we’ve asked fo the help of a specific press office, Moon, to communicate the park excellence not only in Italy but also in the rest of Europe. We’ve hosted World Rookie Tour 10th edition, and Nine Knights Mottolino Open. Perfect conditions of the park attracted international athletes, even at the end of the season, when we hosted the GB ski and snowboard national team. Many media productions chose us as the perfect setup: let’s mention Maserati, here to shoot a video with Giorgio Rocca (soon online), but also the super funny one by LeVel, titled “GoPro or Gorilla“. GoPro chose us once again as a partner, and our ambassadors edited some crazy video you have to see. On Sunday, the snowcat with kitchen SnowFood was placed at the entrance of the snowpark to offer gourmet hamburgers prepared by chef Mattias. Last but not least, the choice to support Red Bull building the kicker that allowed Billy Morgan to stomp the first quadruple cork in the world. An action that brought Mottolino, Livigno and Italy anywhere in the world (on our Facebook page you’ll see some of them). Is that sufficent?
First ever quadcork Billy Morgan
4. BEST BEGINNER PARK: we moved the S line on a less steep terrain, more accessible to anybody. A positive choice that was confirmed by the flow of people that approached the park during the season. Different structures to learn how to ride witout getting bored were placed since the beginning of the season. If you tried them, you know what we are talking about.
Beginner line Mottolino snowpark Livigno
5. BEST JIB LINE: we called it Industry Line, because of its structures. It was the perfect alternative to kickers, with fun and shifting obstacles, position on the park lenght.
Snowpark Mottolino Livigno jibbing line
6. BEST OBSTACLE: Nine Knights. castle. We start building it in February, preparing the necessary snow and two weeks before the event, snowcats work on it, reaching evry other year spectacular and unique features where top riders can try extraordinary evolutions. A unique possibility allowing mottolino to enter the line of world’s top location where athetes can progress the sport and reach new records.
Nine Knights 2015 Livigno
What do you say? Are these sufficient motivations?