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Summer jobs for opening the Snowpark

3 September 2019


Summer season planning for an early winter
snowpark opening!

We’re at work to make sure you’re able to enjoy the season to the fullest. Keep reading!

Summer season is not over yet but we’re already at work to make sure you’ll be able to enjoy Mottolino Snowpark in Livigno from the first falling snowflake during winter season 2019-20. As a matter of fact what we are doing is plan and work around what’s needed to have the park ready at the season opening, and that would mean at the begininng of December 2019. Weather and temperatures remain the most crucial factors to reach this goal, but what we are doing is work around earth structures for kickers, optimize the snowmaking system for more efficiency and get connections for new exciting activities and events.

Communication wise, you’ll soon be able to check out incredible images though the new webcams. Download Mottolino app, and submit to our newsletter to know all about it!

Whilst our ambassador are in Down Under to enjoy some summer skiing, we are making our best to surprise you and welcome you. During season 2018 we had the amazing Big Air Landing ready on the 13th of December, making it possible to athletes to start riding and training towards their winter season, and we would like to offer you the same conditions, if not better.

Let’s stick to the plans, see you soon!


Interested in coming and train at Mottolino Snowpark? Get in touch with Nick Draxl now!