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Snowpark a Livigno, aperti i primi impianti risalita

Snowpark Livigno: first obstacles open at Mottolino!

5 December 2015

Good news from Mottolino, especially for those who are passionate about tricks, jumps and adrenaline: the first obstacles are open at Mottolino! On Thursday the 3rd of December, the new shaper team of the Fun Mountain, lead by Patrick and Dadino, has realized the first season miracle, positioning on the slope connection between Trepalle and M’eating Point Mountain Hut the following structures: a 6m kids down box, a 3m flat box, a 10m waterfull rail, a 6m down tube and a 6m flat banana slide. 
With positive snow conditions, by mid January the park should be completely open to offer more than 60 obstacles among jibbing and jumps, arranged on 4 lines. But that’s not everything: the ski area set up will be based on new ways of living freestyle, free and accessible to everyone. In the new design we are planning some areas dedicated to young snowboarder and freestylers, that will widen the offer for families, with revolutionary way of teaching. At Christmas we are planning to open in the area outside M’Eating Point the kids snowpark.
Within the next month we will unveil a project that will bring to Mottolino an advanced freeriding concept, far from the usual meaning of that.
Mottolino is always improving, stay tuned on our blog and our social channels for the next updates.